“Lynn Finegan was a featured speaker for the Association for Women in Computing last year, and we have since harnessed her energy and enthusiasm to be a part of the AWC Board. Lynn had a powerful message of how women can empower other women and what impact women have on the world as we see it today. Her talk was thoughtful and thought-provoking and she has a natural flair for public speaking.

I highly recommend Lynn Finegan as a speaker, an entrepreneur, and as a woman with the mission to empower other women.”

-Sylvia Luneau, President
Association for Women in Computing
San Francisco Chapter


“As a gifted and powerful speaker, Lynn Finegan radiates the warm glow of grace, which facilitates infectious delight in her audiences. Her leadership authority comes from a focused presence and penetrating intelligence that allows love and truth to co-exist in any room she presides over.”

-Lee Glickstein
Speaking Circles International


January 2002

“Dear Lynn:

Thank you for your enlightening and motivating presentation to my sorority. I enjoyed it very much and noticed that those in attendance felt exactly the same. It certainly helped to be reminded of how powerful we women can be if we have a mind to be so.

My sorority sisters and I want to thank you for your time, effort, and presence. Your topic fit in perfectly with the president’s theme for the year and we all benefited from it.

Thank you again,”

Joan Silva
VP of Educational Programs, Epsilon Sorority
Walnut Creek, CA

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